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Selling Tickets?

Interested in selling your tickets to an event that you are not going to attend? 

714Tickets buys tickets! Call our office at (714) 842-5387 and tell us your ticket specifics (event name, date, seat location, and how much you want for your tickets) and our helpful staff will let you know if we can buy your tickets. If we cannot buy them, we can always sell them for you on our Consignment Program!

714Tickets sells tickets on consignment! the Consignment Program is a hassle-free option to sell your tickets. Our award winning sales team promises maximum exposure by listing your tickets on all major secondary marketplaces and exchanges across the country, dramatically increasing the chances of your tickets being sold.

How the Consignment Program works:

  1. Fill out the form on this page
  2. If you have PDF tickets, submit them with the form
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions by submitting the form

Terms & Conditions of the Consignment Program:

  1. You agree to declare the tickets given to us will not be for sale anywhere else
  2. You agree to give 20% of the total net sale of your tickets
  3. You agree to accept a check payment for the sale the following Tuesday after the tickets were sold
  4. You agree the address on the form submitted is valid and is the address you want to receive payment for tickets sold
  5. You agree to sending an email to to stop the consignment process and get your tickets back


Can I sell my tickets on other marketplaces or with other brokers while on consignment with  No.  The reason is that we have a sales team that will list your ticket on every marketplace and reach out to other sellers to get your tickets sold.

How do I get my tickets back? Just contact by email ( or phone (714.842.5387) and we will get the tickets back to you.  Keep in mind that this will stop the consignment process.

How much does charge for selling my tickets? will keep the first 20% of the total net sale of tickets sold.

What is Dynamic Pricing? will price your tickets based on current market value and will adjust the price as needed to get your tickets sold.  In this case, you define a price floor in which we will not sell the tickets below that price.

What is Static Pricing? The price you want to sell the tickets for in which will not be changed without you telling us to do so.

How do I get my check?  Sales are paid out the following Tuesday after tickets are sold.  The check will be mailed to the address on the form submitted or you are welcome to pick it up.

Please provide an event name
Please provide the name of the venue
Please provide at least one date
Please provide the tickets section
Please provide the tickets row
Please provide a price floor value
Please provide a quantity value
Please provide a name
Please provide a valid email Please provide an email value
Please provide an address
Please provide a contact Phone
Please agree with the terms before submit